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Following Orbital UAV’s announcement of a new engine development program and long term supply agreement with Textron-Lycoming, CEO & MD Todd Alder sat down with StockDoc, Dr Nigel Finch to discuss the new the contract and what else is keeping the Company busy.

In a wide ranging conversation, Todd provided insights on a number of different topics, including:

  • Orbital UAV’s customer base: 2:55
  • Orbital UAV’s competitive advantage: 04:42
  • Earnings guidance and long term agreements: 09:45
  • Benefits of Heavy Fuel and Orbital UAV’s advantage: 11:38
  • Textron Lycoming contract: 14:19
  • Future opportunities: 17:45
  • Trends in defence and UAV spending: 19:05
  • Vision for the Company: 19:45
  • What can investors expect in the coming months?: 20:40
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