Modular Propulsion Solution

The Modular Propulsion Solution (MPS) addresses a growing need within the tactical UAV market for aircraft to have the flexibility and versatility to adapt to varying end customer requirements and for the rapid deployment of those aircraft.

Orbital UAV’s revolutionary response to this challenge provides customers with a modular range of propulsion systems, capable of being integrated across multiple UAV platforms with varying payloads and capability.

Using design thinking, patented technology and our global supply line, the MPS approach provides:

  • Rapid volume flexibility across the entire Solution;
  • Reduced product lead times; and
  • Unsurpassed quality

Key features of an Orbital UAV propulsion systemOrbital UAV propulsion system


FlexDI™ is proven direct fuel injection technology able to offer an advanced Spark Ignition solution for UAV engines including Gasoline, JP5, JP8 and JetA.





The FlexECU™ platform has been developed to provide powerful, high quality engine controllers to meet the varying requirements of today’s engine applications.

FlexECU™ Platinum (Pt) has been specifically developed as a UAV customised addition to Orbital UAV’s FlexECU™ family. This compact and light weight unit is field proven on UAV applications, delivering on all UAV specific requirements with the ruggedness and reliability of a high volume automotive production ECU

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