Defence grant to support global growth    

As an advanced aerospace manufacturer, the quality and reliability of all components within our propulsion systems and associated technologies is paramount. That’s why we continue to invest in and build our capability and capacity to rigorously test every single aspect of our industry leading engines.

Our patented Argon FlexECU™ technology is a critical element to every engine we manufacture – controlling the engine unit to ensure it delivers optimal performance. The manual manufacture of the Argon FlexECU™ – conducted at our production facility in Perth – is a time-consuming process and any defect or non-conformance will result in scrapped units and a potential delay in production

To improve quality control and productivity, we recently developed a new automated and highly accelerated test screening system for the ECU – helping us to meet the demand from our growing global customer base of defence prime contractors.

The development of the test screening system was part funded by a federal Defence Global Competitiveness Grant of more than $220K, which was officially announced by Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price in March.

“We are helping businesses around the country to upgrade their manufacturing processes and equipment to increase access to international markets and overseas revenue streams.

“This grant will enable Orbital to not only better service its existing relationships with global primes but also to broaden its international customer base,” said Minister Price.

A second test system will be commissioned at Orbital UAV’s printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) supplier, thereby enhancing quality control throughout the manufacturing process and further supporting the development of our supply chain in Australia.

Orbital UAV currently has engine production and development contracts with Boeing-Insitu, Textron-Lycoming, Northrop Grumman and one of Singapore’s largest defence companies.

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