Before I hand over to Todd Alder, our Chief Executive, to provide an overview of recent performance and an update on what is to come, allow me to provide a few of my own observations on your Company, Orbital UAV.

The Unmanned Aircraft System market is remarkably broad and continues to evolve at pace.

It includes civil and military systems that range from nano platforms flying close range for a matter of minutes, to High Altitude Pseudo Satellites that have the potential to fly for months at stratospheric heights.

The breadth of applications and capabilities within UAS platforms is vast.

In this rapidly growing and developing industry, Orbital UAV continues to carve out its leadership position in the small and tactical UAS sector.

The Company is delivering its world class, benchmark performance propulsion systems and flight critical components into two of the world’s largest suppliers of tactical UAS platforms:

  • Insitu, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company; and
  • Textron Systems

Between them, these two companies dominate the supply of tactical UAS platforms into the US defence forces – meeting intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operation requirements.

Orbital UAV’s role in the successful application of these platforms cannot be underplayed.

Long endurance and high reliability requirements define this market and Orbital UAV’s reputation for providing the technology and know-how to deliver on these requirements continues to grow.

Over the past 12 months, Orbital UAV has started production of its first industry leading engine for Insitu’s UAS fleet under its expanded Long Term Agreement – with the second engine due to commence shipping imminently.

The Company has seen its physical expansion into the USA enhance current partnerships and identify new opportunities. And it has continued to invest in its operations to ensure it has the capacity and capabilities to keep pace with increasing customer demand.

This accretive growth demonstrates the confidence in and demand of Orbital UAV’s industry leading expertise and products.

With this progress in mind, I am confident that our Chief Executive and his Executive Team continue to drive the business with the appropriate vision and strategy.

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