2020 Annual General Meeting

Today (13 November) Orbital Corporation Ltd held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Perth, WA.

This year’s Resolutions were all passed by over 99% of votes and you can view the results here.

Following the formal business of the meeting, Chairman John Welborn provided a short address to shareholders before handing over to Managing Director and CEO Todd Alder for a Company update.

You can view highlights of these presentations in the video below.

Orbital UAV’s share price has increased by over 350% since our 2019 AGM, going from 33 cents to $1.21 (at market close 13 November 2020). Our share price increase reflects the positive progress we have made against our strategy over the past 12 months – bringing additional products into production and diversifying our customer base.

As the Chairman noted in his address, “It is very pleasing to see Orbital UAV’s progress and success in 2020 reflected in positive performance in the Company’s share price.

“I thank Shareholders for their support and, in many cases, their perseverance. Orbital has a long history as a Western Australian engineering and technology company. The Board and Management are dedicated to completing the Company’s transformation as a globally leading aerospace manufacturer and delivering on our growth agenda to increase profitability and build a sustainable business that will reward shareholders.”

You can access all materials from this years AGM here.

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